What’s In The Box?


We launched our AromaBox earlier this month and we we’re delighted with the response we received!

AromaBox is a subscription box service from Penny Price Aromatherapy which delivers a box to your door once a month brimming with a fantastic array of mystery aromatherapy goodies! Each box includes a recipe booklet and all equipment needed to make your own seasonal aromatherapy toiletries. The perfect way to treat yourself to a brand new aromatic experience every month, AromaBox could also make an exciting and unusual gift for friends or family.


What was in our first AromaBox?

The theme for our first box, being April, was ‘Spring Clean’ and it contained the following:

  • Lime Essential Oil (10ml – £5.57 RRP) – Citrusy oil expressed from the peel of the unripe fruit. Lime Essential Oil has a fresh, sweet scent and is energising and uplifting.
  • Orange Sweet Essential Oil (10ml – £5.75 RRP) – Expressed from the peel, Orange Sweet has a fresh, dry, orange scent with floral undertones. Orange Sweet is great for maintaining a healthy digestive system and is uplifting.
  • Lemon Hydrolat (100ml – £5.70 RRP) – produced by the steam distillation of ripe lemons, has a fresh citrus highly aromatic smell.
  • White Lotion (100ml – £5.36 RRP) – This is a unique blend made up entirely of natural products. It is a perfect carrier for essential oils being easy to apply. White lotion is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it smooth and grease free.
  • Face & Body Scrub (100ml – £7.10 RRP) – A light scrub base with almond shells and almond oil to cleanse the pores and deep-clean the skin.
  • Bath Foam Base (50ml – £1.70 RRP) – A natural foaming base for luxurious bath products using natural SLES for a softer skin.
  • Topaz Jar (100ml – £1.30 RRP) – White plastic jars from our range of aromatherapy bottles and jars.
  • Recipe Leaflet – An easy to follow recipe leaflet containing three ‘Spring Clean’ related recipes and product information.


Sign up to one month of AromaBox for £19.99 (Plus £5.99 delivery) or sign up for our three month subscription and pay delivery for only one box (you save £11.98). We are already taking orders for our second AromaBox, order yours here – https://penny-price.com/shop/aroma-box/

(Image – https://twitter.com/EnglishAroma)

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